Get Your Dream Wedding For Cheap with Thailand Wedding Packages

Weddings become more and more expensive every year, which is why many couples are a bit anxious the moment they start planning for their special day. However, you need to remember that your wedding is an important event in your life that you’d only do once, so better prepare to splurge when you can. However, if the budget is really tight and you still want to have a blissful and beautiful wedding, don’t worry. There are ways for you to have that. One is to get married abroad. A destination wedding can be cheaper than a hometown wedding simply because you can invite just your family and your closest friends as your guests. Thailand weddings are a cut above the rest of weddings abroad simply because they are probably the most affordable. Here’s what you need to know about Thailand wedding packages and weddings in Thailand in general.

Thailand wedding packages make weddings easier.

There are plenty of wedding services companies in Thailand and couples who want a fuzz free wedding can just take a look at the available wedding packages in Thailand that appeal most to them. These wedding bundles include the ceremony, the set up, and the food. You can also include some add ons such as photography services, video services, DJ services, hair and makeup, and others.

You have plenty of venues to choose from.

If cheap wedding venues for a beach wedding are what you are looking for, Thailand is really the place to head to. Most hotels and resorts offer wedding packages that give great value for money. In addition, there are also independent wedding companies that offer wedding services in private villas. If you want a more private location for your special day, these villa rentals are heaven sent. You can pick a beachfront villa or a panoramic view villa, depending on your preference.

Thailand is a lot cheaper than other beach wedding destinations.

Wedding venues set at the Caribbean cost an arm and a leg. In Thailand, you get venues just as beautiful but cheaper. Koh Samui wedding packages and Phuket wedding packages for example, allow couples an exotic island wedding that won’t break the bank.

Weddings in Thailand come with great honeymoons.

Thailand is indeed the best place in the world to get married if you want to have a beautiful wedding and a romantic honeymoon. The island’s tropical weather is most conducive to a memorable first vacation as a married couple.

Thailand wedding packages may or may not include a honeymoon promo. Better ask your wedding planner for an all inclusive package if you want the honeymoon to be included in the package.

European Style Weddings

In Thailand, there are two kinds of wedding ceremonies. The first is Western or European style and is very popular among foreign couples who want a wedding ceremony that is more familiar and reflects their beliefs and traditions. European style wedding packages in Thailand do not vary much from the kind of wedding you can have in your home country. The attire is pretty much the same and the flow of the ceremony is the kind of ceremony given by Western churches.

Traditional Thai Weddings

Traditional Phuket wedding packages and Koh Samui wedding packages are also available. A traditional Thai wedding ceremony is more elaborate and is centered on Buddhist beliefs. In this type of ceremony, the bride and the groom wears traditional Thai bridal attire. There are rituals and processions, as well as blessings by the monks. While this style of wedding is more popular with the natives, more and more foreigners are getting married this way as well as it is a good way to personally experience the local culture.

Beautiful Thai Beach Weddings

Wedding packages in Thailand are often for beach weddings. If you simply love the beach and are obsessed with the idea of tying the knot along the shore, with the blue water on the background, then Thailand wedding packages are for you.

There are two popular venues for Thai weddings—-Phuket and Koh Samui. Phuket wedding packages don’t differ much from Koh Samui wedding packages. The choice will only depend on which island you like better.

What to Look for in Wedding Packages?

1. Location

The venue of the ceremony matters. Make sure that you’re okay with the actual venue of the ceremony and the reception. Also, check if the location can  double as a honeymoon venue. If not, you might need to find a more romantic place for your post wedding celebration.

2. Price

The great thing about wedding packages in Thailand is that they are generally easy on the pocket. However, it is still recommended that you check several packages to know which one will give you the best value for your money.

3. The inclusions

Don’t take the upfront price at face value in determining if the Thailand wedding packages are worth your money. Always check the upfront price as well as everything that is included in the packages. There are wedding bundles that are pricier but if you make the computations, you’ll realize that you’ll save more with them as you won’t need to add a lot more.

4. The reputation of the company you are dealing with

In choosing wedding packages in Thailand, you need to also consider the reputation and the credibility of the company. Do some research and be wary of bad client feedback. Just to be sure, conduct a background check before handling a down payment, especially to an independent wedding planner.

5. Take note of the seasons.

There are times when it is cheaper to get married in one place because of the season. During tourist season, everything is expensive and it is challenging to find a wedding venue because most accommodations are booked.

Thailand wedding packages are a great way to help you control your wedding expenses. Choose among the available wedding bundles and work to achieve a balance between your budget and your preferences.



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