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When it comes to tying the knot overseas, Thailand weddings are a winner in terms of popularity. This is because Thailand wedding packages are easy on the wallet and the local wedding process is easy. Koh Samui weddings, Phuket weddings, and all other Thailand weddings are most suitable for couples who want to tie the knot at an exotic location and those who want a more budget friendly ceremony. One of the many ways you to make it easier for you is to hire a Thailand wedding planner. A local wedding expert can save you from plenty of stress and allow you to look forward to your wedding day with enthusiasm and energy.

Hiring a wedding planner in Thailand will translate to more expense on your part. However, it will all be worth it since you’d have plenty of time to attend to work as you wait for your special day. You will also be able to free yourself from having to worry about many details, which could be pretty challenging especially if you are not very familiar with Thailand. To make sure that everything will be perfect on your big day, you need a local expert who knows all the venues and has all the necessary contact to make a dream wedding happen. Here are some helpful tips in choosing a Thai wedding planner.

Start early.

Destination weddings need more time to plan so if you are to do it right, you need to find a wedding planner in Thailand right after the time you decide to get married in the country. Starting early is highly recommended especially for foreign couples.

Get a full service Thailand wedding planner.

While you have the option to choose a wedding day only wedding planner, a full service wedding coordinator is highly recommended particularly if you are from another country and are too busy to attend to all the details of your big day.

Find a way to communicate and get updates on a regular basis.

If you live overseas, you need to make sure that you have a steady means of communication with your wedding expert—either by phone or by email.

Look for an accredited Thailand wedding planner.

Avoid being ripped off and other issues by making sure that you only deal with real wedding planners. Be careful of scams online. As much as possible, conduct a background check and find client feedback to be sure that you are in good hands.

Take a look at his or her portfolio.

Talk is cheap and a better way to gauge the expertise of a wedding planner in Thailand is to look at the portfolio. This will give you an idea as to what the coordinator can come up with. The portfolio can also inspire you as you plan your wedding.

Be clear about your budget.

It is essential that you speak about your budget right away. Say the number that you’d be willing to spend and be firm that you’re not going to spend a cent more than that.

Prepare a list of questions.

Not all wedding packages are the same and naturally, some things that are vague have to be discussed. If something is not explicitly mentioned in the package, it may not be included. Wedding photography in Thailand may or may not be included. Don’t assume. Ask your Thailand wedding planner about it. If it if not a part of the package, ask for recommendations. The same is true for wedding invitations. Some packages don’t include them and if they are a major detail for you, make sure to ask about them early so you’d still have the time to get them done.

Check the wedding venue first hand, if possible.

While you can rely on your Thailand wedding planner to pick you the perfect venue, the best way to do it is still to visit the place first hand. That’s the fool proof way to know if the venue is right for you. If that’s not possible, be sure to get clear pictures of everything—-from the beach, to the ceremony hall to the rest rooms.

Talk about custom Thailand wedding packages.

If you want a unique wedding, you can ditch the pre-made wedding packages and ask your wedding planner if you can have a package that can be customized to accommodate your preferences to a T.

Don’t forget the paperwork.

There are wedding services companies that take care of absolutely everything, including the marriage certificates and other pertinent documents for a legal wedding in Thailand. However, some companies don’t. Better ask your wedding expert about it if you’re not sure.

Schedule to arrive days before the actual wedding date.

While your Thailand wedding planner can take care of all the major details, you still need to show up early so as to check the minor details and wrap everything up. Being on your wedding destination ahead of time allows you to relax and quiet your mind, knowing that everything is going smoothly as planned.

Never hesitate to ask questions.

When planning for a wedding, it is not healthy to assume anything. If something is unclear, it is recommended that you sit down with your wedding planner to discuss it. Remember that even small things can snowball if you leave them unattended. If you feel something is wrong, speak up early.

Planning for a wedding can be stressful and actually requires a lot of patience and attention to details. Of course, every couple would want to be as hands on as possible in making their big day happen. However, due to time constraints and other factors, that’s not always possible. To help you out, a Thailand wedding planner is very highly recommended. Weddings abroad are more challenging to put together than a wedding back home, so you need all the help that you can get. A local wedding coordinator can take the planning load off your back and let you enjoy your precious moments as an engaged couple.



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