Romantic and Affordable Weddings in Thailand

Getting married is perhaps one of the crucial moments in a person’s life. It is a mark of a new beginning, which is why almost all couples put all their energy into planning a perfect wedding day. Of course, it is a great thing to have a local wedding as planning is easier, the venues are familiar, and there is less mental stress involved. However, destination wedding has its perks. Weddings in Thailand are getting raves because they are some of the best destination weddings out there.

If you are interesting in having a wedding abroad, a wedding in Thailand is a top notch option. Here are some reasons why.

You get to have amazing wedding pictures.

Thailand weddings—particularly beach weddings are famous because the pictures often look great, thanks to the clear blue beach waters and stunning white sand that are often used as backdrop for a wedding ceremony. An outdoor wedding in Thailand is a dream for many as the local beaches are simply out of this world in terms of beauty and clarity of water. If a picture perfect wedding by the beach is what you like, then weddings in Thailand are what you should be keeping your eye on.

You can cut your guest list to accommodate your budget.

While getting married in your home country is good for sentiments, it is not good for the budget as you have no excuse not to invite friends, relatives, and even your neighbors, especially if you are really close to them. Thailand weddings offer the most convenient excuse to invite only the people that you want to be with you on your big day. By tying the knot in a far away exotic location, you can easily filter your guest list and cut your wedding expenses considerably.

You can have a more relaxed wedding attire.

Weddings in Phuket or weddings in Koh Samui often call for more laid back outfits. The island’s tropical weather allows you and your guests to dress more casually during the wedding day, unless you prefer a strictly formal indoor occasion.

You and your spouse can escape work for a longer time.

If you decide to get married and have your honeymoon in your home country and work is there, you may not have that much time off after the wedding. First of all, you have no excuse. You are expected to be back even days before your weddings especially if you work in a high pressure environment. Weddings in Thailand, like most weddings abroad, make it very convenient for you to take a longer post-wedding vacation. This means that you’d have a longer, more enjoyable honeymoon. Know that the days after your wedding are very significant so it is best to savor that magical period.

You can have an exotic wedding by the beach.

There are many themes that you can choose your wedding. If you like it fun and casual, you can have a romantic ceremony by the beach and a luau inspired reception. You and your guests can wear colorful sarongs and floral outfits. Ask your Thailand wedding planner for ideas.

You can honeymoon in style.

Weddings in Thailand are popular for a reason and one of them is a chance to honeymoon in the grandest and the most stylish manner. You can pack your favorite swimwear and book in one of Thailand’s private villas and live in luxury all throughout your stay. Or, you can head to one of the local luxury resorts and experience island living, Thai style. Privacy and seclusion are two things couples usually require for their honeymoon. A Thailand honeymoon will give you those and more.

Some of the best local 5 star resorts can be found in Phuket and Koh Samui. Great food, world class services, top notch spa treatments and the most stunning accommodations await you in Thailand.

You won’t be broke after your wedding.

Weddings are some of the priciest events ever. Thankfully, weddings in Thailand are more forgiving on the budget. Wedding packages Thailand has to offer are great money savers. There are all-in packages and there are custom packages as well, depending on the wedding service company or the resort. In other words, you call the shots and be able to limit the spending if you have to.

Your family and friends can have some R&R too.

Everyone deserves a break, even your guests. Apart from your wedding, they can also look forward to spending some time in a lovely locale while in Thailand. Weddings in Thailand sometimes double as family gatherings because they bring everyone together. They can spend some time at the beach, try cooking lessons, or have some party fever while killing some time.

Choosing wedding packages in Thailand will be the start of your planning for a Thai wedding. The great thing about weddings in Thailand is that the process is easy and usually hassle free, as long as you have a local expert to help you. A good tip is to hire a wedding planner early on. The reason for this is that local wedding planners know the nitty gritty of Thailand weddings, which can help you a lot especially if you are from another country.

Packages for weddings in Thailand vary as per location. The good news is that most of these packages leave you with very little else to worry about so you can chill as you await your wedding date. To make sure that you are getting good value for your money, make sure to find a wedding service company that is experienced to minimize the chances of anything going wrong. Also, if you don’t mind the extra expense, it is recommended that you get a wedding insurance. While you’d want to hope that everything goes well on your big day, there are things beyond your control. It could rain or a storm could be on its way. A wedding coverage can save you from stress later on.



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