Romantic Koh Samui Weddings

koh samui weddingsWeddings are known to be one of the most important events in a person’s life. Choosing a location for the wedding is actually a matter of personal preference. Some would like to have a conventional wedding, while others dream of a fancier wedding. If you dream of saying your vows in the tropics by the beach, then a Koh Samui wedding would be perfect for you. Known to be as one of the world’s most beautiful islands and having some of the most breathtaking beaches in the country, Koh Samui will make an unforgettable wedding venue for you and your beloved.

Since it is one of the most visited islands in Thailand, the island is also known for its luxurious resorts and hotels. A great number of these resorts provide wedding packages for couples who fancy a tropical Koh Samui wedding. Whether you like it to be a beach wedding or a garden wedding, you can be sure to find a place that will provide you a wedding you have always dreamed of. Calendar Events offer impressive wedding packages and provide guests with top notch accommodations.

Why People Choose Koh Samui Wedding for Destination?

There are many reasons why people love a Koh Samui wedding. First is the natural beauty of the place. Come to think of it, you only get married once so it’s very important that you make the entire even memorable and the key to that is choosing the perfect location. The second is that the island exudes romance on all corners. Being near the water and seeing a breathtaking view while you exchange vows is what every couple dreams of. Koh Samui Resorts boast a private beach and the most incredible view of the island’s captivating skyline.

Koh Samui wedding Resorts are not only known for their impressive architecture and luxurious decors. They are also very popular because of the special deals prepared for couples who want a wedding event to remember. Every aspect of the wedding is planned here to perfection—-from the venue to the food to the accents. The reception and the honeymoon should not be an issue as well, as the staffs are right here to attend to your needs and help with the planning, every step of the way.

Koh Samui Samui Wedding Package

koh samui wedding packagesCouples can choose from three wedding packages, depending on what they prefer. There’s a Thai wedding package, a western wedding package, or the best of both worlds—a fusion package that combines all the best aspects a Thai and a western wedding. Whatever Koh Samui wedding package you decide on, you can be sure that the whole ceremony will be an event to remember.

A traditional Thai wedding is known for its colour and flair. It is both a festive and a sacred event, showing the rich culture of Thailand and how grounded their people are in their faith. For westerners, it is a rare event to witness a traditional Thai matrimonial ceremony. It’s no surprise a lot of couples from all over the world would want to experience it for them selves. Consisting of two important parts—there’s a religious ceremony and a traditional ceremony.

Wedding Resorts let couples take part in a glorious event in their very special union. The Thai Koh Samui wedding package is absolute perfection. Every detail has been put to consideration to the delight of all the couples who get to try it. There’s a long procession Thai dance, which is an event in itself. Planting of Love tree, where in the couple’s names would be written on a wood that is heart shaped, is also another interesting part of the package. There’s also a blessing of three reputed monks, a very special wedding cake, handmade garlands for the bride and groom, plus corsages for your very special guests. In addition, a complimentary candlelight barbecue dinner, a romantic honeymoon room, special spa packages are provided for. There’s also the beautifully decorated aisle and well groomed wedding venue that will surely make the guests envious.

For those who dream of a western style Koh Samui wedding, there’s also a well prepared package for you. Some couples love the conservatism of western weddings. Others prefer it because of religious reasons. Whatever may be the case, a western wedding in resorts is destined to be special. Beach weddings are very popular here in Koh Samui and the package set up by Calendar Events are one of the most impressive options couples can choose. For the event, the staffs will prepare an aisle by the beach filled with tropical flowers or your favourite flower perhaps. Intricately made corsages will be handed out to your guests, for some romantic touch. The minister that will lead the ceremony shall be met by the couple a day before the event. After the exchange of vows, couples will have a celebratory toast and the customary slicing of the cake. As for the meals, you can have it customized with advanced notice to the chef. For souvenirs and mementos, a talk with the photographer will make sure that the most special moments at your wedding will be well documented. After the celebration, couples can enjoy a private night together as husband and wife in their very special honeymoon room.

Koh Samui wedding venues provide the most amazing service for soon to be married couples. Everything here is almost perfect. There’s the turquoise beach and the fine sand, plus the clear cloudless sky. Imagine the beach being the backdrop of your matrimonial vows. From the flowers to the dinner cards to the meals that will be served to your guests, you can be sure that your wedding preps will be less stressful, as the staffs and wedding coordinator will be there to help you. A Koh Samui wedding can be made more special by carefully choosing the wedding venue. That being said, Calendar Events ensure that you’ll be able to live out the wedding of your dreams right here in the islands.



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