Koh Samui Wedding Packages 2014

koh samui wedding packagesA wedding at the tropics is what most couples envision for themselves. It’s easy to see why island weddings are extremely popular. Being near the beach adds romance to the whole event. It also makes the entire ceremony more grounded and relaxing. Over the years, Koh Samui has made a name for itself for being a wedding favourite. The natural beauty of the place combined with temperate sunny weather makes it all the more conducive for romance. Now that you have chosen Samui as the setting to your special day, the next step would be to choose a specific location for your wedding. Aside from the accommodations, it would be helpful if the location you choose has a Koh Samui wedding package closest to what you have dreamed about.

When it comes to Koh Samui wedding package, nothing beats the ones offered by Calendar Events. Generally, couples can choose to have a western wedding or a Thai wedding. Some even combine the two to create a customized wedding event. Whatever you decide to have is usually a matter of preference. Those who would want to experience a customary Thai wedding complete with the procession usually choose a Thai wedding. Couples who belong to a conservative religion opt for a western wedding. Actually, the choice is totally up to you. Whatever you choose, rest assured that the Calendar Events would help you in the planning and preparation. Every detail of your very special day will be taken care of.

Thai Wedding Package

A traditional Thai wedding is famous for its use of colours as well as its flair. It is a reflection of the Thai culture and it is a festive and joyous event. It is also a mirror of their religious beliefs and their faith, making it both sacred and celebratory. Should you wish to have a Thai wedding for you and your loved one, the Thai Koh Samui wedding package provided by Calendar Events would be perfect. Everything included in the package will surely delight married couples to be.

What makes a Thai wedding special is the blessing of the three monks—the Buddhist aspect of the ceremony. The meals for the monks as well, as the alms are included in the package. Also included in the package is a drum procession which features traditional Thai dance. Specially made garlands made from exotic flowers shall be presented to the bride and the groom, while intricately designed corsage will be handed to the guests.



A long elegant aisle is to be filled with flowers, giving the bride and her entourage a heavenly path to walk on as she meets her groom.

With a Thai wedding at Kanda Residences, couples will be able to have a memorable union while experiencing the rich culture and religion of Thailand.

A relaxing spa session for the bride and groom is also included in the package. At the spa, they can be able to rejuvenate their senses and renew their energy using exotic wraps and massages. As for the honeymoon, the guest room will be decorated with flowers to make their first night together even more special and worth remembering. Couples will also take part in the planting ceremony of the Love Tree, wherein both their names shall be etched in heart shape woods.

A private barbecue dinner by candlelight for the bride and groom is also something to look forward to. All in all, the Thai Koh Samui wedding package that couples can avail at Koh samui wedding Resorts is worth raving about.

Western Wedding Package

A beach wedding mirroring western customs and traditions is also a very popular choice among couples who belong in more conservative congregations and religions. Calendar Events also prepare for such an event by coming up with a western wedding package. For those who would like to be married in the conventional way, this is the perfect wedding package for you. The venue, which will be the setting to the matrimonial ceremony, will be decorated with flowers. The aisle, which will serve as the walkway for the entourage and the bride shall also be lavished with exotic flowers and greenery. Light pristine fabrics that are fitting for a wedding shall also be used as accents to make your wedding venue a sight to behold—-in keeping with the occasion. The package includes a room upgrade for the entire stay, a bridal bouquet, and a corsage for the groom. A complimentary one night stay for a minimum of six nights stay will also be given. For their convenience, a private transfer to the airport will also be provided for. A beautiful wedding cake and a bottle of wine for the customary toasts will also be included. As for their honeymoon next, it will be filled with flowers and be decorated to perfection for the couple’s most special night together.

While both packages that are mentioned are equally good in their own right, there are couples who just can’t seem to choose between the two. To solve that, Calendar Events came up with a fusion package, allowing the soon-to-be-married couples to have the best of both worlds. In the morning, there would be a sacred blessing of the monks plus traditional garland for the bride and the groom. The western ceremony shall be held in the afternoon. Package includes a lavishly decorated wedding venue, complete with a bridal bouquet and corsets. A charming aisle that is filled with tropical flowers will also be set up on time. A private dinner by candlelight prepared specially for the newlyweds is also included in the package.

Getting a Koh Samui wedding package from any Koh samui wedding resorts will definitely cut the hassle often associated with a wedding ceremony. Wedding preparations can be stressful as there are so many details to take into consideration. With the help of an expert wedding planner and coordinator, the bride and the groom to be can just sit back and relax and wait for their very special day to arrive.



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